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Jennifer began her career as an intern at a talent agency in Los Angeles and quickly became the youngest and highest earner in her department. Through hard work in her position at a growing company, she found that the ability to deliver consistent results and develop new business models was a gift and calling.

She had discovered an industry that would become an exciting and rewarding challenge for many years to come. The "business side" of entertainment allowed her to apply her intelligence with her creativity and people skills.

In 2009 Jennifer started her company with $300 and a small commission check to open a bank account. Within 3 years she hit over 1M in gross revenue. She has sustained that growth for over 10 years as an independent company without outside investors or partners.

She has generated multi-millions of dollars for her clients and their companies, whether launching them from scratch or boosting them to the next phase of growth, revenue and brand value.

Jennifer has turned this passion to build businesses into a successful career as an entrepreneur and has always taken great pride in being a trusted business and creative advisor to her clients.

She credits her own success to her unwavering commitment to her client’s successes and to the contributions of her team. She aims to empower employees to find their own strengths and contribute directly to the company’s projects. Her own work ethic includes learning new skills, charting goals and growth, finding creative ways to push past no’s, negotiating great deals and seeing possibilities and potential.


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